Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to purchase a townhouse - Samer Kuraishi, A K Real estate

If you aren't ready for the cost or responsibility of a single family home, or if you simply don't need the space associated with a single family property, a townhouse purchase is a great way to buy a home. Townhouses are considered a real estate arrangement somewhere between a condo and a single family house. You own the property and the land it is on, but your home is attached on either one or both sides to your neighbors' homes.

Here is how you can purchase a townhouse and few guidance by our Mr. Samer Kuraishi. In many ways, purchasing a townhouse is similar to any other real estate purchase. A-K Real Estate is here to help guide you through this process with each of the following steps:

  • Getting pre-approved for your mortgage so you will know what you can afford to buy
  • Providing a real estate agent to show you properties within your price range
  • Evaluating properties, considering the condition of the unit, and important factors about the location such as the neighborhood culture, the school district and the crime rate
  • Choosing a property that meets your needs
  • Making an offer on the property
  • Having an inspection and appraisal done
  • Buying the property 
A few things to consider when purchasing a townhouse are as follows.  With a townhouse purchase, described steps don't differ very much from buying a single family home. However, there are certain specific thins you need to be aware of when purchasing a townhouse. Your main concern should be the neighbors who are connected to your home. Since you share a wall, you'll want to ensure that the neighbors are people you can live with.

Often, the biggest problem associated with a townhouse purchase is noise. If possible, visit any townhouse you are considering at several points at all different hours of the day to get an idea of whether it is going to be noisy at any point. See if you can even spend a few hours there or come at night before you make an offer to get an indication of how noisy it will be.

You'll also want to consider other factors, such as whether you have a yard and how large it is, what type of maintenance your home may require and other related factors. A townhouse purchase is big commitment, and at A-K Real Estate, we, with guidance of Mr. Samer Kuraishi,  make sure you take our time and do the research so you can be certain you will be happy with your new home.

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