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Samer Kuraishi presents A-K Real Estate Agent Guide - Criteria & Credentials

Buying or selling your home isn't always easy. But it's most definitely rewarding! And there's no need to go it alone when an experienced A-K Realtor like Samer Kuraishi, can easily become your home buying or selling partner. Samer Kuraishi at A-K Real Estate, believe that both the buyer and the seller should have professional representation.


According to Samer Kuraishi, there are a lot of things to look for in a seller’s agent or a buyer’s agent but also consider your special needs:

    * Want a tech-savvy agent? We can provide you with an agent who uses a sophisticated set of Web-based tools that make communication fast and easy. For home sellers, tech-savvy agents will make sure to market their homes online – where the most buyers are. Tech-savvy agents can also help buyers expedite the search process by sharing property photos, details and information, all online. (Tip: Almost 80 percent of potential buyers turn to the Internet for the home buying experience. Having a technology-focused agent can be a real plus in the marketplace.)
    * Moving to a new city? Work with an agent who's a Certified Relocation Specialist (CRS), trained to meet your unique needs. Or, contact A-K Real Estate to assist you in doing so.
    * ¿Hable espaƱol? If English isn't your primary language, find an agent fluent in your primary language. A-K Real Estate offers translation assistance in many languages for non-English-speaking clients. Learn about our multicultural resources.
    * Looking at building a brand-new house or renovating? Work with an agent who specializes in new builds and understands the ins and outs of the process.
    * Want a higher price, fast closing and time to enjoy your life? Ask an A-K Real Estate sales associate about our Auction Services.


Samer Kuraishi as an A-K Real Estate Agent, is licensed professional who adhere to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics. Those belonging to the NAR receive continuing education and are up on the latest trends, making them well-prepared to offer you the most advanced real estate advice. Your agent will provide you a variety of tools and assistance to streamline your selling experience.

Pay attention to details and look first for an agent that belongs to the NAR. In addition, take a look at the abbreviations following an agent's name. They're important because they refer to various accredited designations that have been earned through a lot of hard work.

For example, the designation CRS (certified residential specialist) is the highest designation available to sales associates in the residential real estate industry. In fact, only four percent of all agents in the country can claim this designation. The award recognizes accomplishments in terms of education, experience and volume of transactions throughout a career.

Other designations include:

    * ABR: Accredited Buyer Representative
    * ALC: Accredited Land Consultant
    * CCIM: Certified Commercial Investment Member
    * CIPS: Certified International Property Specialist
    * CRB: Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager

Samer Kuraishi at A-K real estate, gives you 11 Steps to Finding the Perfect Home

In order to find the right apartment, townhouse, or house to rent, you must be prepared for what to do before you set out to look at homes, what to do during the search, and what to do once you’ve find the right place.

Samer Kuraishi at A-K Real Estate INC is the dedicated to provide you the prime property in Germantown, maryland, virginia.  Our Mr. Samer Kuraishi is the best realtors in the area. Dealing with A-k Real Estate INC., means you are dealing with the most efficient real estate company that thoroughly knows the area.

Samer Kuraishi suggest few points before you start the search

1. Create a list of everything and anything you’d like your new home to have. Would you like a dishwasher, hardwood floors, washer and dryer, or pool? Would you prefer an apartment, townhouse, multifamily home, or single family home? It’s a great idea to set priorities on your preferences. Remember to make a distinction between what you want and what you need!

2. Always be prepared! Have on hand some important information that your Realtor will need. This includes: Credit check,
Resume/Letter of Recommendation,Pay stubs/tax returns.

3. Keep in mind that many landlords will want to verify your work references. Contact your references (including your former landlord) ahead of time so that they know they may receive a call. A great tip to getting a great reference is to ask the person ahead of time, “I’m going to be looking at places to rent and I’m going to need references. If I were to put you as a reference, would you be willing to give me a glowing recommendation?” Remember, if you don’t ask for it, you may not get it!

During the search

4. It’s best to look at the potential units during the daytime. It’s important to know how much natural light enters a home. It’s also easier to see in what condition the unit is in and whether more work is needed on the unit to make it more habitable.

5. Always do a walk-though of any unit you’re seriously interested in. You’re also going to want to ask about any damage you may see (always do this before you sign the lease!) Make a list of any damage you see and give this to your Realtor. Your Realtor will get the landlord’s intials on the list and will attach this to your lease in order to absolve you of responsibility later. This prevents many headaches down the road!

6. Ask questions! The time to ask is before the lease is signed. Some great questions to ask are:

How large is the water heater?

What’s the water pressure like?

How are the neighbors like?

Are there shopping malls/supermarkets nearby?

What is the pet policy?

What are the utilities that you will be responsible for?

7. Introduce yourself to your potential neighbors! The most important neighbors to meet are the ones that you will share walls with, which are the ones on the same floor and those above and below you. Find out their thoughts on noise, what they like about the area, and most importantly, find out if they’re friendly!

8. Bring a tape measure and a list of your larger furniture’s measurements so you can see how things will fit and what you might need to buy.

9. See a few places that fit your characteristics of a potential place to live so you can have an idea of what your budget generally gets you as a home.

Once you’ve found the right place

10. Be prepared to ACT QUICKLY when you find something you like and make sure your Realtor knows how much you like the home! A rental that might be on the market one day can be gone the next day! That’s why it is so imperative to act quickly and give your Realtor the initial deposit so that your Realtor can fill out and give the landlord the Memorandum to Lease! The Memorandum to Lease demonstrates your serious intent to rent the property and this generally means the property is held for you until negotiations are over between both Realtors.

11. Take a look at your lease and be sure you understand it. If you have any questions, make sure to ask your Realtor!

Looking to buy a home? Samer Kuraishi suggests you five things you should know before doing so.

Samer Kuraishi recommend to hire a Realtor! A-K Real Estate, Inc. will work on your behalf at no cost to you. A-K's commission is paid for by the Seller. In other words, you have someone to walk you through the whole process for no additional fees. Samer Kuraishi at A-K real estate, is dedicated for you.

Second, speak to a lender. Find out what price house you can actually qualify for. There is no sense in looking at homes before you know what you can be approved for, it may lead to a lot of disappointment. It is best to be realistic. After finding out what you qualify for,decide if you feel comfortable with your highest possible mortgage payment. Just because the lender says you are approved to buy a three hundred thousand dollar home, doesn't mean it's a good idea to. You know your expenses and situation. Use sound judgment.

Third, decide on a general location. According to Samer Kuraishi, in real estate it's all about location, location, location! I think we've all heard that before, right? Basically, if you have an okay house in a great area, it's gonna sell for a great price. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Unless you are just buying this house to turn around and sell it, let's think of the location that's right for YOU. You may not want to live in the city or a specific neighborhood. Do not buy a particular house just because of the potential resale value. Pick a location that suits you. Take into consideration your work commute, distance to friends and family, and whatever else that may affect your desired lifestyle. At A K Real Estate you will get a expert advise by Samer Kuraishi

Fourth, get a home inspection! A house is a substantial investment; no matter what the actual cost. Why take a chance on what is soon to be a major centerpiece in your life? There is no excuse to leave this to chance. Your dream home may appear perfect to the untrained eye, but could possibly fail inspection. Pay a few hundred dollars to have a professional tell you it's safe and ready to move in!

The fifth thing you need to know, don't look back. After your decision is made, you may have a case of what-ifs, a little buyer's remorse, or just some good ole second guessing yourself. Buying a home can be very stressful with all the decision making and changes involved. at A-K Real Estate Samer Kuraishi, will delight to help you out thoroughout the process. It's okay to freak out a little bit, but have faith you made the right decision. It will all come together once you get in and get settled.

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The Advantages of Having an A-K Real Estate Agent

The Advantages of Having an A-K Real Estate Agent

Advantages of having an Agent of A-K Real Estate - by Samer Kuraishi

The real estate market is not easy to comprehend. Simple buying and selling of a property entails several complexities and processes. Despite not being a requirement to either buy or sell a house, many have attested to the advantages of an agent from AK Real Estate.

First and foremost, a Realtor is a professional in this field and he or she knows the industry well to give you – buyer or seller – all the advices and tips. The agents at AK Real Estate have a working knowledge on the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. We can provide you with vast information, including accessibility to transportation, the presence of good or not so good school in the vicinity. We can even furnish you with other options should your first choice fails.

Our agents have experience and expertise of the housing industry, as well as market history. Thus, if you are selling your property and there is prospect for price increase in the near future, we can advise you to hold on and later you will be able to sell at higher price. The same is true when you are a buyer. As we are aware of market trends, we can give you tips whether there is uptrend or downtrend in the value of properties so you will know when is the best time to buy.

Another very important advantage in having a Realtor from AK Real Estate pertains to laws on property sale and purchase. There really are a massive number of laws that govern the buy and sell of properties. We will make you aware of the legalities of your transactions. Sure enough, there is no law violated when you are handled by a professional broker.

Our agents will make sure that you get the best deal. If you are a buyer, we can find you a lending institution that gives the best deals in terms of amount of loan, repayment plans, down payments and interest rate. From the time you lodge your loan application to escrow then transfer of titles, our realtors will be with you and will safeguard your legal rights. This is aside from taking over the tedious paper work associated with a house sale and purchase transaction.
Even after the culmination of buying or selling, some complications may arise. The agents at AK are still available to provide guidance and assistance to straighten the problem

At A-K Real Estate, we pride ourselves in knowledge and proficiency in the market trend and in the procedural steps which will save you money, time and effort. Thus you will end up a contented happy buyer or seller.

How to purchase a townhouse - Samer Kuraishi, A K Real estate

If you aren't ready for the cost or responsibility of a single family home, or if you simply don't need the space associated with a single family property, a townhouse purchase is a great way to buy a home. Townhouses are considered a real estate arrangement somewhere between a condo and a single family house. You own the property and the land it is on, but your home is attached on either one or both sides to your neighbors' homes.

Here is how you can purchase a townhouse and few guidance by our Mr. Samer Kuraishi. In many ways, purchasing a townhouse is similar to any other real estate purchase. A-K Real Estate is here to help guide you through this process with each of the following steps:

  • Getting pre-approved for your mortgage so you will know what you can afford to buy
  • Providing a real estate agent to show you properties within your price range
  • Evaluating properties, considering the condition of the unit, and important factors about the location such as the neighborhood culture, the school district and the crime rate
  • Choosing a property that meets your needs
  • Making an offer on the property
  • Having an inspection and appraisal done
  • Buying the property 
A few things to consider when purchasing a townhouse are as follows.  With a townhouse purchase, described steps don't differ very much from buying a single family home. However, there are certain specific thins you need to be aware of when purchasing a townhouse. Your main concern should be the neighbors who are connected to your home. Since you share a wall, you'll want to ensure that the neighbors are people you can live with.

Often, the biggest problem associated with a townhouse purchase is noise. If possible, visit any townhouse you are considering at several points at all different hours of the day to get an idea of whether it is going to be noisy at any point. See if you can even spend a few hours there or come at night before you make an offer to get an indication of how noisy it will be.

You'll also want to consider other factors, such as whether you have a yard and how large it is, what type of maintenance your home may require and other related factors. A townhouse purchase is big commitment, and at A-K Real Estate, we, with guidance of Mr. Samer Kuraishi,  make sure you take our time and do the research so you can be certain you will be happy with your new home.